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Mogi Hair Stylist and Cutting Class Information

Mogi Hair cutting. Coloring Class

The number of days Course & Time Class cost:

1week course Tue-Sat9amto5pm-----------------------------------$2,500
2weeks course Tues-Sat 9am to5pm--------------------------------$3,500
3weekscourse Tues-Sat 9am to 5pm---------------------------------$4,500
4weekscourse Tues-Sat 9am to 5pm.--------------------------------$5,000

Course Description
Hair cutting. Coloring or both

Price includes the following

Wig, coloring products, and live color and cut model

Maximum capacity of class:3 people

Place of study:
Hiroshi Hair Design
457 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
310-273-6715 Fax310-273-3969

Methods of Payment: Visa, Master Card, and American Express
Cancellation: In case of postponement, and cancellation, 10%-25% may apply

Accommodations: Safe hotel

Note: Hiroshi Hair Design and its employees are not responsible for any loss, accident or damage.

Apply with Mogi
457 N Canon Dr Beverly Hills
Ca U.S.A. 90210
Telephone (310) 273-6715 fax (310)273-3969

mogi hair cut To Be A Master hair cut

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Mogi Haircut Class August 2010 Week 3

we just finish August seminar ! now we start September seminar soon !

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jun come from japan to see Beverly hills Hair salon


 jun come from japan to see Beverly hills hair salon ,Fast we went to the
                                         Valerie Beverly hills make up salon

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Mogi Haircut Class May 2010 Week 2


Seminar May 16th

Los Angeles, May 16th Seminar

Hopefully the students who are taking classes will utilize the access to my website and review what they have studied. 
Their main reason for not doing so is because of lack of time.
 For the benefit of students who were busy during the week accommodating the busy schedule, I have decided to start the class by recapping what we have learned so far.
How about Connie today? 
She has improved great deal this week.
 I noticed a couple things that needs to be attended. Her elbow is not staying close to her body and her left toe is pointed in awkward direction.
This is only the second class for Jennie
Her forward preparatory position in not bad. 
However because she is pulling out the hair only with her arm, her left hand goes up.
Linda is also going into her 2nd week of seminar. 
To correct herself,1) I told her to watch the guiding tapes on the mirror.
 2.3)Well, her attention to the mirror took away and body forgot to execute,,,
           .1.                                .2.                         .3.
1)First, looking at the mirror and put conscious effort recognizing the guiding tapes, 
2)and proceed to pulling the hair out. she did quite well to the midway. 
3)Then her hand position started going up because she was using too much of her upper body to follow through.
             .1.                                  .2.                                  


So, I explain the movement with more detail.
 1 XX ) If you use only the upper body to get the forward position, your head would move to the position, but your legs will remain stiff.
 2 OK) Whereas if your entire body shifts to the forward position, your right heel begins to go up as your body moves forward. As you see, the right knee doesn’t get stiff.
1. xx.                        .2. OK
1) (x) Don’t pull back only with your upper body.
2) (x) If your left foot position exceed 2 o’clock position, it looses the fluidity of body motion.
3) (0) Only when the foot position ia at 2 o’clock position, it becomes possible to make forward and back movement at ease.
.1. x                   . 2. xx              

              3.   OK
Timesha has started the 8th week session now. 
She shows the result of working earnestly.
 She is able to move her body forward and back in a straight line. Her elbow is well tucked in, too.

Jody is also into her 8th week. She is pulling the hair out with the body motion. ( Her right heel goes up, her left toe goes up, indicates that she’s doing a good job.)

1) xxTiffany still has tendency to pull the hair out only with her upper body.
2) So I hold her upper body to show her the difference in feel between either using only upper body or the whole body.
3) I show her Even when she moves forward, she should move with her entire body and make sure her knee is relaxed.
1.  xx.           2.           


After my detailed instruction and correction, she is able to execute the movement quite well.
Jim who is still a student at a Beauty School, is at 8th week also.
x x 1) He still has a tendency to pull the hair our only with his upper body as was in the last week.
x x 2) You can see his left elbow is away from his body which negatively aids his body not moving.
OK3) Now he keeps his left elbow kept close to his body and pulls the hair out.
OK4) As he is able to pull the hair out with his entire body, you could see that he covers larger distance to pull the hair straight out.
    ..1xx     .xx.2.        OK.3.    

2) (xx) This photo shows that his elbow is away from his body.
(xx) This is Stephanie’s 2nd week into the class. She is also a Beauty School student. She is pulling the hair out not using her body. When the hair is this short, you might be able to manage with only arm movement, but you could already detect her hand is going up to the cutting line.
(OK) Now she is doing it with the correct body movement, she is able to cover the distance with her head and body moving in unison.

Now I show you correct way of foot  position and how it affects the leg movements.
1) When you go forward, you shift the gravity to your left foot, but do not make your knee stiff nor straight. You Note: Right foot is up and just my toe is touching the floor.
2) Right heel is up, at the same time my left knee is still relaxed.
3) For the left handed person, the right foot has the center of gravity and left heel is going up.
       .1.            .2.           

The photo 4,5 and 6 shows you what NOT to do:
x 4) The left leg is too straight, and the right foot is a bit forward.
x x 5) The left foot is at 1 o’clock and the right foot is MORE than 3 o’clock. His body has not shifted forward and most likely he will pull the hair slanted.
x x 6) The left leg is straight and the right leg hasn’t moved forward. Therefore the center of gravity remains in neutral position, not shifted which will force only upper body moving forward to pull the hair out.
             .4.x           .5.xx     

This illustrate the foot position when the pull the hair out is completed
1) The left toe is in up position. The center of gravity is on the little finger side of the right foot. Right leg is straight but not stiff.
2) For the left handed person: The right toe is in up position. The center of gravity is not on left leg.
x 3) Here, the left foot pointing inward though toe is up. This position makes pulling the hair outwardly. This is not  desirable.
               .1.         .2.         

x 4) Though the left toe is up, but right foot is more like at 1 o’clock. Therefore the center of gravity fails to shift to the right side of the little finger side.
x x 5) The left toe hasn’t risen and the center of gravity remains on the right foot which makes the right knee collapsed. This leads to pulling the hair out downwardly.
x 6) Though the left toe is up, but the right foot is at 3 o’clock this makes the body positioned to the side way. End result is that the hair is pull out away from desired direction.
           .4.x      .5.xx       
Let’s Check how it is executed in actual haircutting situation!:
At the top section of head, supposedly cut horizontally,
x1) The left elbow is not on the cutting line.
x2) The left shoulder is not pointing toward the cutting line.
x3) Pulling out the hair up towards her instead of straight up.
x4) Cutting hand is awkwardly twisted, I see the back side of her hand. If she keeps cutting this way, she will end up having her side longer than the other side. This way the finished cut line will be slanted instead of straight line.
xx               xx
For this concave cut angle, the hand angel, the hand position and the body position, they are working in unison.
1)Everything is working together.
2)This is excellent. The foot position is at 2 o’clock. The left arm is flushed to the body. 
The right heel is up and ready to pull the hair out.
x x 3) When he pulled the hair back, unfortunately he let go of elbow and used only arm to adjust the cutting length. If he continues this way, the cut line looses the consistency and uniformity. The cutting line will not be even.
.1.               .2.        

        .xx 3.
This photo shows clearly that the elbow is far away from the body.
1) Her foot position is at 2 o’clock. Only if her elbow is set more to the center of her body instead at side of her body, it will be much better.
2) xx This is wrong foot position. This will make her top hand showing. She will pull the hair toward her.
3)xx Though she is pulling out the hair in right direction, her left arm is at side of her body. This will end up cutting in a slanted line.
1.           .2. x        

1)Pulling hair straight out, the elbow needs to be more toward the center of her body.
3)XX  foot position is wrong way,pull the hair toward her, cutting line will slanted
.1  .                                                                3)XXX
Araceli is only 5time lesson !
As you know by now, she doesn’t  have experience in cutting hair. However she has really put her effort learning and practice to make her own. This is THE testimonial of what you could achieve with learning the body position.
As I said before. “Haircut is easy.” provided that you acquire THE fundamental of haircutting.
My sincere congratulation to Aaraceli and hopefully this will inspire the others that they too posses what it takes to become a good haircutter. The strong desire, determination, patience and willing to put personal effort will eventually lead to joy of achieving the goal.