Sunday, February 15, 2009

Professional Hair Stylist Training DVD by Mogi

I've released a new professional hair stylist training DVD Vol 1.

Contents include:

Long Layer Hair Cut Demo
Stroke Hair Cut Demo
Stroke Hair Cut Practice
Body Motion for efficient, speedy, accurate cutting
Hands & Finger Training Exercise
Pfiss comb demo
Mogi Doll Head Stand demo
Instructional Pamphlet.

Please take a look. Any feedback on the dvd would be appreciated.

Available online for $25 + shipping at my online store.
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Friday, February 06, 2009

Long Beach Show International Salon and Spa o9

Long Beach Show International Salon and Spa o9

February 02 2009I went to the Long Beach Hair Show to teach a hands-on class to a diverse group of hair stylists.The Long Beach Show is known widely and I saw many different faces and people from out of the state to visit the show and benefit from our hands-on class.

I worked with wonderful young talents: hair stylist Taka, Miki, Tsuyoshi, Shuji, Phill, and Yuka to help me with my hands on class.

This year's theme was FACE [Fast, Accurate,Clean,Easy ] way cut hair for long, middle, and short length. You can use the same method for all hair types.

Taka on the stage to help me with the demonstration

Many hair stylists look very serious to watch my explanation

Now time for the Hands-on class, they cut wigs, now a closer look to see how I am cutting the hair.

Shuji is guiding the stylist on how to cut the hair

Taka is showing an example to the stylist and Miki is observing the stylist.

We feel it was a great class.

Many of the stylists wanted to come back for more lessons or buy one of
my DVD for more lessons at home!

Mogi hair cutting DVD!!!

Mogi hair cutting DVD!!!

With many support and help from Taka, I have made my very first Hair cutting DVD.
I am very excited to tell you about more about it.

We also had a viewing of the DVD at the Long Beach Show to see how other stylists would response to the DVD.

I was so happy that we got a great response and
SOLD OUT on the DVD.

To popular a demand, more will be available soon!

This is the front of the DVD

This is a inside DVD with a haircut explanation textbook.

DVD is a unique exercise video.

It includes exercises on how to:

Cut long hair Ways

Correct body movements when cutting hair cut.

To do hand exercises

How to do a stroke cut!

You will also find information on how to use and where to get a great comb .

Mogi patented head stand to cut wigs!
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