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Mogi Hair Stylist Accolades and Championships

Mogi Profile
2001 moved to Hiroshi salon Beverly Hills

2000 moved to Salon Milage  Beverly hills

1999 Provides 1~8 weeks hair color seminars to hairstylists from Japan frequently

1998 Toured Osaka, Wakayama and Kobe, Japan as featured stylist in the Kobe Earthquake Relief fundraiser; begins intensive personal training in new hair color techniques

1997 creates hair installations in collaboration with avaunt-Gard performing artists for the club premiere of Dietrich's at the El Rey Theater, L.A.

1995-97 begins conducting private, intensive haircutting seminars with stylists, and presents an ongoing series of demonstrations in and around L.A., including his local Pro Step One television show

1993 begins the annual Mogi Special Show, touring and demonstrating internationally for the next three years in JAPAN with Arimino company

1992 opens M2 HAIR DESIGN with Jeff Yoshikawa; receives media attention from industry and consumer publications

1988 opens Salon 450 in Beverly Hills; begins ongoing hair demonstrations on television

1980 forms the KAMIKAZE Stylist Group, an exclusive stylist- exchange group between the U.S. and Japan

1979 begins ongoing tour to the top 30 states in the U.S., and throughout Japan, demonstrating innovative hair designs

1978 develops a strong market in the U.S. for Aderans hairpieces, designed in Japan

1976 introduces and utilizes the revolutionary JOEWELL shears, designed in Japan

1973 Tours the U.S. teaching his techniques and approach to hair design, lecturing and conducting seminars

1968 opens MOGI, becoming the first first-generation Japanese to open a salon in Beverly Hills

1966 relocates from Tokyo to Newport Beach, California, and establishes permanent residence

MOGI accolades

1968 AMBBA Contest First Place Winner

1968 wester stylist Contest First Place Winner

1968 wester State Contest First Place Winner

1969 Intercontinental Hair Styling, Contest First Place Winner

1970 California State Hair Styling, Winner and member of the California Team

1971 U.S.A. Hair Styling, California Team Winner

1972 World Championship, Paris; U.S. representative, Team Gold Cup recipient; Individual Silver Medal recipient
1971 U.S.A. Hair Styling, California Team Winner Gold medal

1972 World Championship, Paris;Team Gold Cup
Individual Silver Medal

1992-present international media attention, television show appearances, and coverage in beauty industry publications

Mogi Price List

Hair Stylist Mogi Pricing

(Prices are determined case by case by meeting and evaluating the clients needs and hair length)

Please call 310-273-6715 for an appointment or more information.

General Hair Cuts
Prices range from $130 to $250 or more.

Styles requiring Scissoring Only $130
Styles requiring Scissoring and other tools (thinning shears, razor, clippers) $150
Styles requiring Scissoring, tools and Stroke Cutting $180

Layer CutsPrices range from $160-$250 or more

Styles requiring Scissoring Only $160
Styles requiring Scissoring and other tools (thinning shears, razor, clippers) $200
Styles requiring Scissoring, tools and Stroke Cutting $250

Additional fee will apply for layer cutting depending on the length of hair. Additional $30 to $90 based on length of hair below shoulder line.

Razor Sculpture Start from $150 up

HairstylingPrice depends on hair length, time, and techniques used
Prices range from $40 to $80
Treatments$40-$60 depending on hair length

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