Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ombre hair color Mistakes and Correct

Ombre hair color is as long as I see it, just grow the hair color left 2-3 months show the demarcation.
Myself I don't care about it, but its fashion, my daughter, asked me to do her hair for Ombre.
Asian girl has dark hair when thy do Ombre too much contrast 
Caucasian girl has light hair color more branding contrast color

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Sirius hair stylist sends me an exercise video

Sirius hair stylist sends me an exercise video

Lots of hairstylists had  purchased my haircut DVD

Past few years, People know how to use the cell phone and start taking video.

 Then, I start asking hairstylist to send me the video, how they study?

As you know few hairstylist who like to improve their technic

start send me a video how they doing,

I am so happy to start to see new  movement for the teaching system

if you purchase DVD before and keep practice, please send me your video I am happy to help you,

Right now, no charge for you!